Resolving Warehouse Storage and Item Transportation Issues

Resolving Warehouse Storage and Item Transportation Issues


The overwhelming number of items and materials that go through a warehouse on a daily basis is a logistics nightmare for any manager, but there are a couple of ways to alleviate the stress associated with organizing storage. To streamline the process managerial staff have to perform on a daily basis many companies have set up a storage system that is based on the categorization of the items being stored.

Hand Trolleys

To set up a proper storage system for your warehouse requires the managerial staff to decide on the designated storage areas for the various items, creating a blueprint and map for your warehouse’s layout factors insignificantly to the efficiency your workers will have when transporting items from one place to another be it on a trolley, forklift or through cranes. The storage areas need to be suited to the corresponding items being stored, namely if the items are light enough that a large shelving unit would suffice or if a hazardous materials storage unit will be required.

You should also ensure that you get the proper equipment for the task, namely, you need to find high-quality forklifts and hand trolleys for sale in the Australian market. Having the proper equipment and training will help your employees handle and transport every item safely and store it in the appropriate storage area. To further improve this system make sure that every storage area is properly labeled with the appropriate signage.

Making sure that all transportation vehicles are accounted for is also of significant importance since losing one of them around the warehouse is not something you want to happen. And since there are many different types of hand trolleys for sale around Australia you should have different types of trolleys for different materials.

Packing materials is also important when it comes to storing materials and items within a warehouse. Using pallets, crates and labeling every item to ensure that nothing gets lost is a requirement that must be met by every warehouse. Coordination of individual workers should also be a priority of your managerial staff, accounting for every worker’s task for the day is important for knowing where every item and material is placed and in what manner.

You could set up an automated data collection system, the sheer volume of today’s processes in warehouse management have made hand-written tracking procedures obsolete. The same problem exists with manual entry of information into computers and electronic devices an automated system will simply be more efficient and more secure.