Urban Street Wear: All You Need to Know About This Culture

Urban Street Wear: All You Need to Know About This Culture


Urban street fashion was born on the streets. It emerged as a reaction to fashion dictated by designers and smart wear like Wall Street type of clothing. The roots of the urban streetwear go deep in the hip-hop and rap culture, oftentimes identifying each other with a tight-knit relationship. Urban clothing is also associated with the urban youth who are involved with music and they use music as a medium to present the style. One can say that the urban street clothing carries the beat of Hip-Hop into the ready-to-wear fashion by mixing styles fabulously.

The beginning of the urban fashion goes back to the 1980’s and the early 1990’s. Musicians were not afraid to wear what they felt comfortable in and chose the clothing pieces themselves, without stylists and fashion designers. The young people identified with their idols and started wearing the same type of clothing. Urban streetwear was then copied by designers who interpret the looks and redelivered them to all people through marketing and distribution points. Since its appearance, the urban street clothing has moved in the opposite direction of traditional fashion, by reflecting the tempo and the feeling of the moment. The appeal was to create a blend of fashion and style that expresses the mood of young people, especially in the big cities.

Today, urban culture means freedom of expression. Many designer brands strive to achieve the authenticity by developing looks as unique as possible. As no urban design is the same, young people wear it to define their own style and to differentiate from others. The urban street clothing even gives them the confidence to feel and look like a unique individual. It is also a symbol of prestige and fame and a statement of the urban and democratic lifestyle.

When it comes to the garment pieces that represent the urban street clothing style, several items come on top. First of all, t-shirts. They are worn in all warm climates, have different colours and fun, cool patterns. Hoodies are also on the very top of the list. The scream urban style. Sneakers are a must have and in combination with denim they give off trendy vibes. Very popular are the cardigans that complement the body type by giving a sleek look without trying too hard. Also, a top choice is the skinny jeans which are considered as a common urban clothing necessity. They give the ultra cool look when combined with a pair of sneakers or high heels. Accessories have a great role in creating the urban street look, too. Thus, caps are always cool, as well as the bags with cool designs. Last but not least, the sunglasses are hip and always relevant.

All in all, urban streetwear is what makes the urban culture popular today. It is rebellious, casual and laid back. It is all about attitude. And that’s a quality that young people all over the world have plenty of.