Trendy in the Roaring Twenties

Trendy in the Roaring Twenties


1920s Women’s fashion went through a dramatic shift in the 1erly 20th century. As ladies began to shrug off some of society’s strict limitations they were free to experiment with clothing and beauty trends. Hemlines grew shorter and some women even chose to wear trousers, which was practically unheard of. New fashion trends were emerging quickly in the 1920s in order to keep up with the rapidly changing societal standards.

Many decades have an iconic look that stands out to anyone that looks back on it. And without saying 1920s women’s fashion certainly had its own, in the flapper look, which is still emulated to this day. There were many different popular styles for dresses but most had one thing in common, the iconic straight silhouette. Shift dresses were wildly popular, as well as dresses with drop waists. It’s much easier to kick your legs and dance in a dress with no constricting waistband that doesn’t drag on the floor, after all! In the later part of the 1920s, slinkier, more form fitting dresses began to gain popularity. These dresses, made of silk if the wearer could afford such a luxury, would sometimes have a simple belt around the waist and no other waistline to speak of.

Roaring Style for 1920s Fashion

The shift in women’s fashion was so dramatic during the 1920s that the entire standard of female beauty was changing. During this time-period, small waists and curves were no longer desired. Women wanted a more boyish figure, flatter chest, and smaller hips. This enabled women to finally say good-bye to a long-time staple, the corset. To replace the corset women began to wear a chemise or camisole on top and bloomers on the bottom. Soon, even bloomers were too long for the new hemlines and panties replaced them.

Your 1920s outfit was not complete without a snazzy hat, and there were so many options to choose from. Cloche hats are the iconic, snug fitting hat of the ’20s. These hats were very difficult to wear unless you had bobbed hair, and the popularity of them helped to usher in that new hair trend. Turbans and berets were other popular alternatives to the cloche hat, and they also wonderfully complimented the bobbed haircut.

With so many changes in day to day life during the ’20s, it’s no surprise that clothing trends were moving so quickly during these years. Fashionable ladies were able to express the kind of lifestyle they wanted to live through their clothes. Now that World War I was over the world was a more optimistic and free place which was clearly reflected in fashion trends.