Top 6 Meaningful and Subtle Tattoos for Girls

Top 6 Meaningful and Subtle Tattoos for Girls


The internet is flooded with cool tattoos for girls. However, for a girl, who likes to have only meaningful and discreet tattoos, the tattoo options are limited. But do not be disappointed, as here, you can choose from below given 6 most meaningful and subtle girl tattoo designs:


1. A small heart in a bright shade

The reason behind the mind-blowing popularity of this tattoo is that it is super cute. The shape of heart is fun to look at, and being in a bright color, it would cheer you up. It is a versatile design and so you could have it anywhere. Inner wrist is the most preferred spot for the tattoo.

2. A baby elephant

Tattoo of an adult elephant may be too hard hitting but that of a baby elephant is so adorable. The innocence that the baby animal exudes makes this tattoo one of the cool tattoos for girls. You could keep it opaque or fill it with a color. While a bright shade would make the tattoo stand out, a pastel shade or white color would add a divine touch to it.

3. World tattoo

Do you like to travel? Do you wish to be a globetrotter? If so, get this world tattoo, as no other tattoo describes this desire of yours better. The simple outline of the world map looks so strong and is empowering for a girl, who wishes to travel around the world. If you are thinking of adding a color to this tattoo, then going for a shade in watercolor will be best. A color too solid could ruin its charm. Still, if you think otherwise, go ahead and have the world tattoo the way you like.

4. Your favorite song

A song that is always on your lips; you sing it while getting ready, hum it while putting your makeup, a song that fits your every mood deserves to become a tattoo. Take any lines from it and have them tattooed at your favorite spot. While arms will show the tattoo to all, by getting it on your back, thighs, or lower back, you could make it subtle and have people catch its glimpse only occasionally. Choose the font and size carefully, as the tattoo’s visibility and look will depend on them.

5. A tattoo ring

Well, this option is only for the mature diva because with this tattoo, your ring finger will have a tattoo where you wear a ring. Hence, the tattoo will be visible all the time. In this category, there are many cute tattoos for girls. Some go for tattoo designs that mimic the design of rings. You could have the stone of your choice and the band could be silver or gold colored. Others choose to have a motif there; it could be a diamond, a bow, a rose, a teddy bear or anything of which you are fond. An opaque ring may make the design look cumbersome. That is why most tattooists suggest that one should have just an outline of the ring/motif.

6. Something from your favorite movie

There must be a movie, which you can watch many times over and still be ready to watch it one more time. Ask yourself what you like most about the movie. Is it the hero, the locales, or the heroine? Make a list of things that make the film so special. Now, choose any one from the list and to commemorate it, have it turned into a tattoo. Refrain from choosing a movie just because it is highly popular now. It is important that you choose a movie, which is your ultimate favorite, as the tattoo will be permanent.