Top 5 Inspirations for Anchor Tattoos

Top 5 Inspirations for Anchor Tattoos


If you are one of those, who never do anything without a strong reason then you may have been wondering why you should have an anchor tattoo. Although there may be innumerable ideas, which inspire people to have this tattoo, the top 5 ones are as follows:

1. It is an innovative way of identifying oneself as Christian

The shape of the anchor looks so much like the Cross that it is one of the best symbols that could be associated with the religion. Because of the uncanny similarity, early Christians used to have the anchor tattoo on their arms and hands. The tattoo had the air of being in the shape of an anchor but was actually the Cross with its top two bars (+) in a darker outline. It was the best method to save them from persecution. Today, although there is no such fear, you could select from a variety of such anchor tattoo designs and give an artistic touch to the Cross.


2. It symbolizes stability

An anchor’s job is to settle deep inside the seabed and prevent the ship from moving away because of sea waves. It is how it keeps the ship stable. In life, it is important to stay stable for achieving goals and enjoying peace of mind. If you think that your life is unstable, you could get an anchor tattoo. This anchor tattoo meaning would be spiritual as if you were praying for stability. The tattoo would hold even more importance if you have had a difficult path and now, you want to stay stable on the path that you have chosen. As many people with the tattoo feel that the symbol is powerful enough to bring instability in their lives, you may feel the same.

3. It is a symbol of strength

It would be wrong to compare the sizes and weights of a ship and an anchor, the former is humongous while the latter is minuscule. However, it is the anchor, which holds the ship in place when it is moored. Therefore, when it comes to strength, an anchor is powerful and can prevent a heavy ship from drifting away. In real life, there are people, who act as anchors, as they stop their loved ones from moving in the wrong direction. If you have such a person in your life, you could get an anchor tattoo in his/her name. There are multiple anchor tattoo designs, which are attractive and look contemporary. In case, your job does not allow wearing tattoos, you could get small anchor tattoos. Moreover, for making the tattoo interesting, you could get the name of that important person tattooed as well.


4. It shows you are true to your ideals

Life is about making choices and sticking to them. If you think this way then the anchor tattoo is perfect for you. As the anchor symbol talks of stability, it is also considered a symbol of being true to oneself. If you have pledged yourself to some cause and you wish to stay true to it, the anchor tattoo would be an ideal symbol to show your allegiance. Besides the tattoo, you could have the motto of the cause inked as well. Apart from motivating you, the motto will publicize the cause.

5. It is the best way to show your love for your family

Anchors are attached at the end of a heavy chain and through it, they restrain the ships. In a way, the chain of the anchor acts as the root for the ship. If you are in a job, which takes you places, but your heart stays with your family, you could have an anchor tattoo. It would symbolize your love for the family members. Check out anchor tattoo designs to learn, which one will be best for you.

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