Mind These Details When Choosing Skateboard Footwear

Mind These Details When Choosing Skateboard Footwear


Skateboard footwear is specially designed and manufactured for skateboarding. It is meant to allow skateboarders to acquire higher control over their boards and to reduce injuries towards one’s feet. The material it is made of provides better sturdiness for riding the boards and although designs vary greatly between manufacturers, standard features are often followed such as a flat rubber or polyurethane sole.

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When it comes to the right footwear, every skateboarder has their own individual style and preference. Different climates, terrain, and environments are also factors that may interfere with the right choice of shoe for skating in. After all, the perfect skateboard footwear for a skater in Australia, might not necessarily be the best option for a skater in America, Germany, or Japan. Anyway, there are some details that make some shoes better than the others. Here are some of the things you may want to look for on skateboard footwear to tell whether or not they are worth the money.

Skateboarding Footwear Tips


If you don’t plan to do anything too aggressive a shoe made from canvas may work for you. However, strong skate shoes are usually made out of leather or suede or something synthetic that is just as strong.

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Check the shoe to make sure that it is actually stitched together. And this doesn’t mean just glued; it should be double stitched, or even triple together. High quality skateboard footwear needs to be stitched together to help them last longer.


Just choosing a shoe made of leather isn’t enough, reinforcement is also important. Remember, you won’t be just walking in these shoes, you will be skating. And it is a fact: skating destroys shoes, so you will want shoes that will last as long as possible. Look for extra layers on the side of the shoes (where you will be dragging your foot during ollies), on the toe cap, around the heel, and along the lace eyelets. The more the shoe looks like it could survive a war, the better.

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It has a lot to do with balance. While reinforcement is important, if the shoes feel like a concrete block, you won’t be able to perform many tricks with them. Proper skateboard footwear needs to light enough to avoid dragging you down.


The sole of the shoes needs to be made of a grippy gum rubber to grip the board and not just a regular shoe rubber. While reliable shoe brands will be grippy enough, keep in mind that not all shoes are made the same and some may provide better grippy than others.