Skating Rings Your Bell? This Should Be Your Equipment & Apparel

Skating Rings Your Bell? This Should Be Your Equipment & Apparel


Did you know that the award-winning Hollywood actress Jodie Foster loved skateboarding? Yea, it was back in the 70s when she was studying at Yale University she streamed the roads of the campus. Skating was and it is still is the coolest hobby person can have, regardless whether they are in their teens or adult years. Another interesting fact about skating is how it can to be. It is a really interesting story because it was because of the surfers. Yeah, it was autumn and there were no more waves they can ride on. So, they started looking for other possibilities, such as the streets. They took one surfboard put some wheels and skateboarding was born. If you are looking to get into skating first you must buy the right equipment from a good skate shop. For that reason, to make things easier, we will go through the things you will need to become a skater.



Obviously, the first thing you should buy is a skateboard. If you do not know which one to take, you can always ask the skate shop retailers and they will guide. The thing is you will need beginners skate, which means easy control wheels, good breaks on them and very durable board because as every beginner, you will fall a couple of times. The sketch on the board can be the one that manufacturer offers, or you can ask for a custom job.


To look cool you must own cool clothing. There are a lot of T-shirt brands, jeans and snickers, which means you will have a lot of choices. For instance, the skateboarding t-shirts are usually designed by current and ex-skateboarders, which sometimes are pricey, but they are worth it. Jeans can be either short and long one, which solely depends on the weather, whether is autumn or summer. The same can be said about snickers, you can find dozens of brands and the prices vary depending on the brand.

Safety Equipment

For any started, whether is a kid or an adult safety equipment is imperative. It composes of a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads. The helmet is the most important one because sometimes doing tricks you can get in situations where you cannot react in time and damage your head. Another thing that people need is wrist guards, who are the most exposed parts of the body together with the knee and elbow. For the last two, there are knee pads who prevent any accident from becoming a real bother and pain.