Security Screen Doors – Your and Your Family’s First Line of Defence

Security Screen Doors – Your and Your Family’s First Line of Defence


Statistics show us that the majority of entry points when it comes to breaking into a home, occur right at the front door. When intruders are chasing a neighbourhood, they are looking for doors that look like they are easy to get into and that they can get in very quickly, particularly if they are shielded from view from the neighbours by a big bush or a screen wall.

Intruders just love these scenarios because they can get into the front door, do their work without nobody noticing them. That is why you need to make sure you got a nice visibility down the street into all the neighbours so that they can see your front door. Then the next thing you are going to want to do is put something physically, visually disturbing or distracting to intruders. Double door security screen doors are an excellent line of defense.

Double Door Security Screen Doors

Manufacturers sell double door security screen doors in both hinged and sliding options. Both options are sturdy, made of quality materials, and to stand the test of time. Both of them are composed of one active door and one non-active door but with hinged doors the non-active door have flush bolts internally installed while with sliding doors, the non-active door contains an H channel receiver.

One of the greatest benefits of these doors is they are designed to be easy to install. This means all you have to do is take a look at the manufacturer’s manual to accomplish a successful DIY project. Added home security also means added home value, something that would come in hand if one day you decide to sell your property.

Because screen doors are available in different styles too, they can help enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can choose from different colours, decide on grilled or no grilled models, and even get one customized to your requirements.

Keep in mind that different doors have different sizes: taller, shorter, wider, and narrower. Due to that, measuring up for a screen door should be done carefully. If the measurements aren’t correct by even a few millimeters, there will be problems as screen doors can’t be adjusted or trimmed down easily. Furthermore, people also tend to forget to measure the position of the handle, which shouldn’t be in the same position as the main door handle. You can easily find full information on how to measure and install your double security door online.