Ideas on How to Make Your Home Safer

Ideas on How to Make Your Home Safer


So, you have installed smoke detectors in your home, and have a wide assortment of baby gates, handrails, and non-skid mats to help keep your family safe, but are these enough? Maybe not! According to home safety experts, maintaining a safe environment at home takes a lot more than one usually thinks.

Both break-ins and attempted break-ins have significantly increased in the last years, and residential properties are the main target. With that said, home safety should be one of your top priorities. Here are a few safety measures you can take to help secure your home.

Stainless Steel Mesh Security Screen Doors

Secure the Doors

Considering the fact that most burglars enter through the front door, you should perform a good inspection not only on your front door but all doors around your home. Make sure the hinges are protected, the frames are strong and the wood is not hollow. You may also want to consider installing stainless steel mesh secutiry screen doors to your home to help deter thieves from breaking in.

Stainless steel mesh secutiry screen doors provide your home with an extra barrier against vandals and burglars as they are less likely to try breaking into a home that requires more work and more time ( this can increase their chances of being caught). Plus, security screen doors have strong frame and screen made of stainless steel, so nobody can break them easily.

Invest in a Security System

Whether it is a DIY installation or a fully monitored smart system, all homes should have some sort of security system. Consider the needs of your area and choose a system that fits your budget and needs. Motor sensors for the doors and alarms are some of the basics to consider.

Light Up the Landscape

The police state that the majority of burglaries happens during the day, likely when you are at work, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to secure your home at night. Place lights with motion sensors around your back and front yard – intruders might be less likely to break in if there is a spotlight on them.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Bushes and shrubs are great for adding curb appeal to a house but they also provide burglar a handy place to hide. So consider trimming down plants and trees close to your home that could be used for cover and choose smaller flowers instead.

Your neighbors can also be very helpful against a home invasion, so get to meet them. For example, they can help keep an eye on your home when you are away and call you in case something happen in your are