Some Compelling Reasons to Choose Laminate Floating Floor

Some Compelling Reasons to Choose Laminate Floating Floor


We, moms, love having our kids near us as long as possible, however, there comes a time when we need to give them the freedom to have their own space where they can unwind and do their own things. In fact, studies have shown that parents should leave their baby sleep in their own room instead of their bedroom. That way, you will skip the whole bed transition hell of a process and your kid will have no problem sleeping alone in his room. In my case, I didn’t have the space to make my daughter’s room from day one, but after a year, we moved to a new home, so we designed our little girl’s dreamy room. We did and chose everything a girl’s room should have, a doll house, a pink bed, and a set of small table and a chair where she could play.

Floating Laminate Floor

Regarding the floor, we chose carpet as it is softer and warmer, however, after a while we noticed that our girl is constantly sneezing and coughing while in the room. We run some tests and it turned out that my little peanut is allergic to dust. Our doctor’s recommendation was to take out from the house everything that could accumulate too much dust, and apparently, the carpet in her room was the first thing we needed to get rid off. Searching online for the perfect flooring solution, I found out that floating laminate floor was the best option as it is the most durable, appealing, and budget-friendly option. The thing I liked the most about floating laminate floor was the ease of clean which means less dust and hygiene.

The thing that makes this flooring solution so popular, alongside vinyl flooring, is its simplicity, ease of installation and affordability. Generally speaking, floating floor is not a type of flooring, in fact, it is a method of installing a floor wherein boards, individual planks, and sometimes tiles, attach to each other and not to the sub-floor. Another benefit of floating floor is that once you have installed it, you can enjoy it immediately, meaning that you don’t have to wait for hours before you walk on it.

The laminate floating floor is the ideal renovation material that allows being installed on top of an existing floor. That way you get the best of both worlds, greater insulation and appeal; just make sure that the floor you already have is durable and sturdy.

Once I got rid off the carpet in my girl’s room and installed the laminate floating floor, the constant sneezes and coughs were reduced to a minimum and after a while for good. Unlike carpet, this flooring solution does not hold dirt and moisture deep within it, so my little girl’s health condition has improved a lot. The key to choosing an asthma-friendly laminate floor is to buy from a reputable seller that deals only with the highest quality material.