How to Pull Off a Cool Urban Look

How to Pull Off a Cool Urban Look


The ever-evolving fashion scene never ceases to deliver new and unique trends that dictate the way we dress and plan out outfits. While fashion trends are most often followed by dedicated fashionistas, even people that are not that into keeping up with current changes in the fashion world like to take some inspiration to create their own distinctive fashion look. After all, being stylish is as much about following trends as it is about being creative and discovering your own personal style. While the women’s fashion scene often takes the lead in terms of the number of trends that emerge on it each fashion season, this doesn’t mean that the men’s fashion scene is any less creative and versatile in terms of fashion style and trends. In fact, both of them tend to share some unique styles that have taken the fashion world by storm.

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One such style is the urban style that provides many opportunities for creating cool and chic looks that can instantly make you stand out of the crowd. The main thing that makes this trend so distinctive is the fact that it wasn’t created by some fashion designer, instead it first emerged on the streets of the urban jungle, hence it’s often refereed street style as well. Each style has a particular feature that is the main focus when creating an outfit, for urban style that would be comfort. The main goal of a street style outfit is to deliver comfort, all while making you look stylish at the same time. You can easily pull off an urban look by following a few simple style tips. You can opt for either a more casual or smarter outfit, depending on the look your want to achieve.

To create a smarter urban look opt for urban boots for men in classic colour like black, brown or grey that go well with everything. Pair your urban boots for men with a comfy yet well tailored pants and a slightly oversized jacket. To create a more casual urban outfit look for t-shirt and hoodies that have some unusual print or message and are a larger size that you would normally wear. After all, wearing oversized clothing pieces is one of the main features of any urban look. Just make sure to avoid pieces that are quite bigger than your regular size, since they can have the opposite effect. So, instead of looking cool and chic you may end up with an outfit that looks rater tasteless and tedious.