Power Quality Meters’ Contribution to Proper System Operation

Power Quality Meters’ Contribution to Proper System Operation


Advancements in technology have brought major improvements within the industry, from optimizing manufacturing process and workflow to enhancing productivity. Many industrial and commercial facilities rely on the use of advanced electrical equipment that is designed to improve product quality and make every task more efficient. This means that a faulty electrical machine or device can have a major effect on all the critical operations of the company. Therefore, regular maintenance of equipment is essential for ensuring optimum workflow and efficiency. There are many factors that can disrupt the operation of electrical tools and machinery.

Power Quality Meters

Reduced power quality is one of the most common problems that can significantly affect the performance of machinery. It can damage electrical equipment and cause excess power usage. This in turn can lead to increased operational costs and production delays. Furthermore, equipment repairs and replacement will only add up to the costs and the delays in production can affect both the reputation and profitability of your company. When any of your electrical systems has started to fail and reduce power quality, it’s essential to identify the exact source of the issue. The electrical distribution system is designed to support an efficient supply of current loads. Low power prevents the loads from operating properly. In this case the best solution is to analyze the electrical system using advanced power quality meters, designed to deliver accurate and comprehensive readings of the system’s ability to support a correct and efficient operation of its loads.

From minor issues with the current flow that last a few seconds and often pass unnoticed to major power outages that last for hours, there are many different power disturbances that can be measured with power quality meters. These advanced devices can analyze both the duration and the intensity of a power outage. They are easy to use and serve as practical data loggers that can monitor both the quality and the level of energy consumption on a wide range of electrical distribution systems. What’s more, they have a durable construction and come with s waterproof case, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. Most models come with a built-in Wi-FI and Bluetooth connections that allow you to control the device remotely. An advanced power quality meter can measure a large number of parameters, some of which include frequency, amperage, current distortion, inrush current value, voltage, and dips. Due to its ability to provide such versatile and precise reading, using this practical and efficient device is the best way to determine how stable is your electrical system to drive your electrical machinery.