Power Equipment Engines Explained

Power Equipment Engines Explained


If you are thinking of buying power equipment to run your outdoor equipment (leaf-blowers, lawnmowers, and more) then there are some things you need to consider. When we speak of power equipment we have the tow main choices (there are more) generators and power engines. In this article we will focus on power engines. The first thing to consider when shopping for power equipment engines is the size the engine. Every engine is measured in cubic centimetres or Ccs for short. For example, a engine that has 25cc on a leaf blower is smaller than the one that is found in a chainsaw. If you get a bigger engine you will get more power.

Another thing you should consider when looking for power equipment for sale is horsepower. How much horsepower you need to take depends on the application you are going to use. If you use it for your lawn that has thicker grass, then getting more horsepower is the way to because if the machine has less horsepower needed to run, it will not complete the task and can even cause damages to your precious equipment.

On the market you can find two types of engines that outdoor equipment use: two cycle and four cycle engine. Handheld equipment uses only two cycle engines. The thing is that a two cycle engines require gasoline to achieve perfect conditions to work. Also, having the right gas/oil ratio is required so the engine works with a normal speed. Every machine has different ratios and these ratios start from 16 to 1, 32 to 1, 40 to 1 and 50 to 1. What ratio is your power equipment is stated on the machine or in the user manual.

On the other hand, four cycle engines are used in gear such as leaf blowers an mowers. These engines do not work like the two cycle meaning they run on gasoline and have different compartment to store their gear oil. When choosing power equipment engines, you should really do the math. This means, that if you plan to use the lawnmower just in your back yard won’t need so big engine. However, if you yard is bigger than 100 square meters then you will need to take a the bigger four cycle engine.

Choosing the right power equipment will ensure that they do not damage too fast and prolong their working life by a dozen. You still have the choice to go with a generator than a power engine, however, the power engine has more flexibility and functionality than the generator. However, the generator has its own uses, but that is a subject for another time.