Pelican: Protect Your Gig Gear from the Elements

Pelican: Protect Your Gig Gear from the Elements


Your music equipment costs an entire fortune. You spend so much on those instruments, cables, microphones and other pieces of equipment so keeping them in great condition for your next gig is more than important. The best way to keep them protected is to store them in proper cases. Yes, there are such on the market, but once you spend so much money on this equipment you probably are not ready to buy just any case. Quality should always be a top consideration. Speaking of it as a number one feature, Pelican products are those that stand out for their quality among all other options available on the market. According to many experienced musicians, there is not a tougher case on the plant than the Pelican protector case. These Pelican products are considered as the best choice for musicians who need to store or transport valuable equipment and the best part – they are guaranteed for life.


Why Pelican cases? Let’s take a look at some of their best features and find out why Pelican products are on the top of the list.

Stronger by design

What makes Pelican cases unique is their construction. They use an open cell core and a solid wall construction. This makes the case light on travel but heavy on protection. All the handles and hinges are made of stainless steel for extreme durability with a system which is highly strong but also an easy to open at the same time. All models of Pelican cases come with ”C” clamp design with a secondary movement that offers a lot of leverage to open the unit with an easy pull.


The polymer o-ring along with with the tongue-and-groove fit are both acting as a waterproof and watertight seal. The patented equalization automatically releases pressure while still keeps the water out of the case. The end result is a watertight and waterproof case that still can be easily opened.

Additional protection

The majority of Pelican cases come equipped with the amazing Pick N Pluck system. This customization system is made of foam which gives you the ability to customize the inside layout of the case according to your needs for some of the most complex pieces of equipment. The foam layers come in form of a removable cubes which mean you can design the shape that is most suitable for your needs.

Easy riding

Pelican cases come with wheels made of stainless steel what makes the transportation effortless but safe as well. The nylon hub of the wheels is made to be heat resistible what results in significantly reduced level of wear and tear to the wheels.

Keep it locked

Yes, you can have your gear protected from damage, but you can also have it secured against bolt cutters. This is because most of the Pelican cases come with a metal padlock protector that gives the unit additional strength and high-security level.