Order Picking – The Most Important Process in Every Warehouse

Order Picking – The Most Important Process in Every Warehouse


Warehouses have many different procedures, regulations and guidelines that all play an important role when circulating items through the warehouse’s many different processes. It starts at shipping and receiving where the items are brought into the loading area where they are processed and sent to either storage which is where picking comes into play, every item has to be organized into its designated area for ease of access and overall efficiency of the operation. A smooth operating warehouse has all of the order pickers organized and prepared to completely set up all frequently sent items to areas that are the easiest to access while other items still need to be accessible to the workers, which is mostly done through the use of shelving units.

Order Picking Trolley

The use of forklifts, order picking trolleys and sometimes cranes is what oreder pickers usually use to select the item and take them to the shipping area where the item is packed prepared to be sent off to its requested location. That’s the complete process in a nutshell but there are some nuances that need to be observed for the entire process to function as intended. For example if every item isn’t logged and labled, the order of the items needs to also be logged to make finding every item easier for the pickers. Communication also plays an important role between pickers in larger warehouses, since every section is under the responsibility of an order picker who has to as the job title would suggest pick orders for shipping.

Depending on the items they’re picking they’ll have with them machinery to access and carry the item to the shipping area. You’ll usually see pickers using forklifts or an order picking trolley which is strong enough to carry a multitude of heavy items in a stable position during transportation. Once the item is transported to packing it’s prepared and sent to shipping where its sent off along with other items to either the postal service, or directly to the home of the one who ordered the item which would be taken care of through a separate postal service that ships larger items.

Lastly, the order pickers always need to think of methods to reduce the travel time between storage areas. They always need to ensure that denisty of items is enough that they don’t have to travel to different areas of the warehouse while also rendering the items accessible in the denser areas which would also help boost productivity.