Maintaining a Thriving Herb Garden with Outdoor Modern Planters

Maintaining a Thriving Herb Garden with Outdoor Modern Planters


You’ve always dreamed of having an aromatic herb garden, but lack of available spaces has prevented you from making your dream come true? Well, thanks to the advanced design of outdoor modern planters space is no longer an issue when it comes to creating a thriving herb garden in the urban environment. The strong construction and compact size are the main features that make outdoor modern planters ideal for small outdoor spaces like patios, balconies and decks.

They feature a self-watering system that is designed to make urban gardening simple, easy and more productive. It includes two containers, one that serves as a water reservoir, while the other provides enough space for the soil and herbs. Water from the reservoir is transferred to the soil and then to the plant’s roots through small holes that have the purpose to provide regular irrigation, all while preventing over-watering that can cause significant damage to the roots of your herbs.

Deep watering is essential for healthy root growth and by providing regular watering at different depths outdoor modern planters will allow your herbs to develop healthy and strong roots. In addition to adequate irrigation, many herbs require specific growing conditions, plenty of sunshine being one of them. That’s why make sure you place your planters in that area of your balcony or patio that receives the most sunshine during the day. Another important factor is the quality of the soil, but using regular soil is a big no-no when planting herbs in containers. You should use potting mix instead which is lighter than regular soil and contains organic matter like peat moss and perlite that can provide the required texture and drainage for growing healthy container plants.

There are a variety of herbs that can be grown as container crops, some of them include lavender, chives, coriander, parsley, basil, sage and rosemary. With its distinctive taste and gorgeous colour, lavender can be used to enhance the flavour of many dishes. It’s a perennial shrub that requires a quality and well-drained potting mix and plenty of sunshine to thrive. Chives is most commonly used in salads, but can also serve as a wonderful garnish to many meals. It needs around 4 hours of full sunshine to develop healthy leaves and flowers that not only taste delicious, but can also add more variety and texture to your herb garden. Basil is often planted together with parsley since both herbs thrive best in full sunlight and need rich potting mix to develop healthy roots. They are not only great for salads, but can also make baked veggies like potatoes taste a lot better.