Keeping Your Motorcycle Beast on Maintenance

Keeping Your Motorcycle Beast on Maintenance


Buying a motorcycle is an expensive investment. Some people are buying this four wheel machine just because they want to own it, but the truth is, the motorcycle ownership offer a lot of benefits. For example, compared to cars and other vehicles, motorcycles are a more affordable choice and they still can take you from the point A to the point B with ease. They offer better fuel efficiency, they are more environmentally friendly, the ride offer increased enjoyment, easier parking and more over easier maintenance. Before you buy a motorcycle the biggest question is which type to buy and which one is the most fun to ride. But once you park the bike in your garage the main question is what tools do you need so you can maintain your ride. Keeping your bike in a great condition does not have to be a hard task. It can be easy and effective if you just have the right motorcycle tools.

Yamaha Rider

Bike Stand

Motorcycle stand is a tool used to lift your bike so you can easily make your regular checks. These tools use either hydraulics, compressed air or a combination of the two. There are many different models of lift stands out there all designed to handle specific weight ranges and repairs and specific types of bikes. Some models such motorcycle spider stand come with attached wheels what makes this stand most common model since is easily moveable. Using a motorcycle spider stand you can easily jack up your bike and move it around for easy garage storage. Other models of bike stand come with a wheeled base and a flat platform but they are generally most expensive.

Motorcycle Spider StandWrenches and Pliers

There will be situation when you will definitely benefit from having a pair of pliers in your garage. Regular pliers are great, but all depends on the type of job you need to complete. Sometimes, different pairs of pliers will be the best choice and the ones that will help you get the job done. Buy a few different types and have them in your garage in case you need them. As same as pliers, wrenches are also important tools used for different maintenance and repair jobs. Wrenches can be bought as a full set all coming with different sizes and lengths. You never know whether you will need a shorter or longer one, one or two different size.

Oil Drain Pan

Changing the oil is one of the most basic things you need to do on your bike. It is also a very simple task so learning how to do this properly is much better and less expensive than taking your motorcycle to a mechanic. All you need is to take the old oil from the reservoir and put in a new one. Nothing too complex, but to make this thing right you will need an oil drain pan. The oil should be properly stored and transported to a recycling centre or your local auto shop.