Why Install an Automatic Transfer Switch

Why Install an Automatic Transfer Switch


A transfer switch is an electronic part that switches the load from two sources. There are two types manual and automatic transfer switches. The manual one is used by an operator that effects the transfer by using the switch, while the automatic transfer switches are triggered when one of the electrical source has lost or gained electrical power. In this article we will analyse automatic transfer switches and how they’ll work to better your machinery.

ATS are generally installed where there is a back generator so in case of emergency they provide the needed utility when the primary source fails. Also, ATS can command the backup generator from startn, which is solely based on the voltage that is monitored from the primary supply. Thanks to the transfer switch, the backup generator will be isolated from the primary electrical utility and it will provide temporary power. Today, automatic transfer switches are combed with manual, so the users have more flexibility. The switch transition of the primary switch is divided into two types – open transition and the closed transition. The most used one is the open transition and it is installed in nearly all automatic transfer switches.

For instance, if you have in your home a generators that is equipment with ATS and a electric utility problem happens, thanks the ATS the generator will start working. Next, when the ATS sees that the the house has an electrical flow, it will stop working and switch to normal electricity. The thing is that the generator supplies power to your home, but it is not directly connected to the electrical flows. It is really important to isolate the generator from the distribution power and protect it from hazards such as overloads.

When the main power returns and start working for a short period, the transfer switch will transfer the house back to the main electrical power and it will turn the generator off, after the cool down is finished and there is no load in the generator.

For those who want a non-stop flow in their household having a generator and more importantly an automatic transfer switch is a must. Thanks to them, you will have power all the time and if you are working with electronics like machines and computers you’ll have power at your disposal at any give time. For that reason investing in a ATS is a good decision that will save you a lot of money and time.