A Few Design ideas for Creating an Indian Inspired Bedroom

A Few Design ideas for Creating an Indian Inspired Bedroom


Dreaming of a bedroom that has exotic desi vibes, but don’t know how to pull off that unique Indian look? Well, you’re at the right place because in this article we will outline the most distinctive elements of Indian interior design along with some design ideas on how you can make it a prominent feature of your home. First, let’s see what are the things that make this vibrant interior design style so unique and exotic. India is a country with rich history and diverse cultures and this mix of unique heritage and cultural diversity is reflected in the interior design. Every element of this exotic design puzzle has the purpose to infuse the living space with a cheerful and inviting ambience, all while enhancing the functionality of the home.

Indian Homewares

Indian interiors are rich in both colour and texture and this is what makes them so visually appealing. So, when creating your Indian style bedroom it’s important to pay attention to these key features. In fact colour is often considered as the most distinctive feature of this interior design. You wouldn’t see many neutral shades in typical Indian home simply because they are more subtle and there is nothing subtle about this type of interior design. The colour pallet has the purpose to add drama to the space, while at the same time make it look cheerful yet elegant. The most commonly used colours in furniture and decorations include red, yellow, blue and brown. In addition to choosing a vibrant colour pallet, here are some other design tips that can help you turn your bedroom into an Indian paradise.

Get the Authentic Indian Look with Ornate Furniture Pieces

Expertly crafted furniture is an essential element in Indian interiors. The pieces are usually made from wood species that have a rich grain and texture such as teak, rosewood, maple and ebony. Designed to serve both a practical and decorative purpose an Indian style cabinet can be the perfect element to include in your elegant bedroom design. As a wonderful blend of functionality and beauty, an Indian style cabinet would often feature several drawers to provide practical storage space, along with ornate details that can further enhance the elegance of your design scheme.

Give Your Bed a Chic Exotic Look with Colourful Bedding

Wonderfully made fabrics and unique patterns are prominent elements in Indian art and culture. Patterns are used to add more dimension to elements such as walls, furniture, doors and windows. While Indian interiors can feature a range of patterns, one of the most commonly used is Paisley, which looks very similar to a twisted teardrop. Choosing comfortable bedding in a colourful pattern is a great way to get the exotic Indian look in your bedroom. For achieving a truly authentic look, consider getting bedding made of silk or cotton, which are the most prominent textiles in Indian interior design.

Set the Ambience with Elegant Details

A stylish Indian bedroom should reflect a pleasant and relaxing ambience where you can put your mind and body at ease and rest after a long day. To make the space even more comfortable consider placing a embroidered rug that will not only create a soft and warm walking surface, but give more texture to the room as well. Candles are great for creating a romantic mood and you can place yours in a golden tray adorned with Indian motifs. Most motifs are inspired by nature, so decorations and furniture are often adorned with carvings or paintings of birds, flowers or animals.