The Importance of Safety Barriers for Warehouse Employees

The Importance of Safety Barriers for Warehouse Employees


The modern warehouse comes with all sorts of gadgets, equipment and vehicles to make the work environment easier and safer, but one thing that has stood the test of time due to its simplicity and practicality is the safety barrier. This very important component is essential for workplace safety.

But what kind of barriers are there? To start with there are two types of barriers, hard barriers that are fixed or removable guards which prevent entry. These include fences, crush barriers, trafic barriers and chain barriers that are either made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Safety Barrier

These hard safety barriers fixed into the ground as bollards or a gate, removable on stands, or clipped into a structure. Regardless of the type of barrier, the components and assembly are similar.

Soft barriers on the other hand are usually light curtains made of a strong fabric that are used to safeguard personnel in the vicinity of moving machinery with the potential to cause harm such as presses, palletisers and winders. These curtains can be used as an alternative to mechanical barriers.

Both of these types of safety barrier are needed to ensure a safe and healthy warehouse work environment. By both blocking access to areas where heavy equipment is being used, and being strong enough to stop said heavy equipment if it goes out of control and crashes.

But they aren’t just for the machines safety barriers are also used to keep pedestrians out of both harm’s way and out of restricted areas. For this purpose they are high enough to stop an adult human from climbing over. And sturdy enough that they cannot be pushed over by a crowd. The edges of any barrier should also always be smoothened out to prevent damage to personel or machinery in the event of a collision.

Lastly the installation requires quite a bit of planning and measuring to find the precise area and position you want them in. And choosing one of the above-mentioned styles of safety barrier depends on what it is needed for. The installation however would be simple and straightforeward.

First the bollard is installed to the ground, then the fencing is added accordingly.

In closing workplace safety is an employer’s first priority when running their factory or warehouse. The safety barrier seeks to eliminate or reduce the hazards and dangers of working in an industrial environment and is thus necessary for any and all companies that work with heavy equipment or vehicles.