Get the Right Motorbike Rain Gear by Considering These Factors

Get the Right Motorbike Rain Gear by Considering These Factors


Riding a motorbike can be an amazing experience when you have the right motorbike gear. To get started you will need the basics like your bike and a motorbike helmet and jacket. But there is much more available to make your riding time even more enjoyable such as gloves, boots, pants, etc. Motorbike rain gear as well, can be pretty convenient to have for when the weather turns bad.

Although the idea of riding in the rain may not sound exciting for you, there are some occasions when the rain may catch you off guard, and having a rain gear on your motorcycle trunk will help you stay safe, warm and relatively dry.

Before you buy your motorbike rain gear, is important to know what to look for. Certain features may fit your preferences much better than others. Bellow are the things you should keep in mind before making your final decision.

Motorbike Rain GearMaterials

There are three main types of waterproof fabrics: coated fabrics, polyvinyls (PVC) and laminate fabrics. PVC is a material that is waterproof but has no ability to ‘breathe’. This means it needs vents to keep the rider from becoming hot and sweaty. Gear made from this material is usually the least expensive ones. Laminated fabrics and coated fabrics have an outer layer that offers a durable outer shell and an inside layer that is coated to provide a moisture barrier. Both have abilities to prevent rain from entering and enough porous to allow sweat to escape. Motorbike clothes made from these fabrics are often more expensive but also more durable, making the extra investment pretty worth.


If a rain suit is made of a waterproof material but water still can get into your body trough the openings, then this suit is not an effective one. When choosing a motorbike jacket, for example, it is essential to select a jacket with a tail that is long enough to cover the top of the rain pants while you’re in the riding position. And because water can also get in trough the collar and wrist openings, make sure the rain suit you are considering can close snugly in these areas.

Reflective Material

It is extremely important to be seen by traffic when riding in the rain. That is why you should choose a motorbike rain gear with plenty of reflective material on it. You may be able to find also suits offered in bright, easy-to-see colours.

Easy of Entry

When shopping for motorbike rain gear you will come across suits that are one-piece. This type of suit offers a better rain protection but can also be a pain in the neck to get on and off of it. Pay special attention to the foot entry; look for rain pants that have the leg openings wide enough to get them on quickly over your boots when the rain arrives. Keep in mind that if you get soaked before you can get into your rain gear, it won’t help you much.