Freediving The Right Equipment for Meeting the Depths

Freediving The Right Equipment for Meeting the Depths


The beautiful weather is constantly drawing you outside and with a good reason. There are so many things to do out there, so it is a sin to spend your free time at home. For example, a simple beach day can be so much fun, especially if you decide do dive deep into those clear blue waters. Yes, we said diving, sounds exciting, right? So, what are you waiting for? Oh, wait, do you have an equipment? Yes, we mean professional freediving equipment.


To enjoy the diving completely you need the right gear, so before take your trip to the beach make sure you pack your bag with all the essentials. If you are in doubt what you need, a reputable freediving equipment Australia shop can really come in hand. Thanks to their knowledge and experience in this area, they will be able to assist you with any of your purchase. Once you find the place that offers a range of freediving equipment in Australia, here is what to look for.

Freediving Mask

Here is one tricky part. You need to choose a mask that fits you perfectly. When making a choice, look for some of these features. Low volume helps with easier equalization upon descent. The mask should be flexible so it will feel comfortable when compressed. The clear lenses will allow your friend to see your eyes and enclosed nose will prevent the squeezing of the mask.

Freediving Fins

Bi-fins are specifically designed for freediving, They come with long blades what makes them more powerful compared to those designed for scuba diving. They are also a full-foot model, which allows you to feel the whole movement of the fin. Manufacturers today used advanced materials in the production process of freestanding fins such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, which are not used in find made for scuba diving.

Freediving Wetsuits

The choice of wetsuits is huge. For a close fit, you can have the option to choose custom wetsuits. Most of them come with an integrated hood and two-piece suit which includes a separate jacket and high trousers. The suit comes with no zipper in order to minimize the circulation of the water. When it comes to material, the preferred choice is open cell neoprene because of the mobility and warmth it offers. This material is a good choice but is quite fragile, so before you put the wetsuit on, make it wet (without a soap).

Weight System

This is another difference between scuba diving and freediving. The weight belt is worn on hips to facilitate deep breathing. It is usually made of rubber so it can stay in a place when the water pressure compresses the wetsuit. The quick release is important. This allows you to drop his weights in an emergency.

Line and Buoy

If you plan to dive independently you will need a buoy. This piece will allow you to rest before and after the dive. The fact that floats high in the water gives you an opportunity to rest your head well above the surface which is flat in shape for comfort and effortless resting.