Fishing Jigs – The Best Artificial Lures (Chose the Right Ones for...

Fishing Jigs – The Best Artificial Lures (Chose the Right Ones for You)


Fishing is a recreational sport that includes many techniques for luring and catching your target fish. Many experienced anglers would agree that the method of using artificial lures is one of the most important when it comes to having a successful day on the water and return home with a large catch. That’s why when you’re new to fishing it’s essential to learn which are the best artificial lures that will allow you to attract more fish and therefore improve your skills. Fishing jigs are often considered as some of the most productive and practical artificial lures. They can be used for catching many different fish species and can work well in almost any situation. Jigs are made by melting a metal substance which is then poured into a special mould that defines the shape of the basic components of the jig: the head and the collar.

Fishing Jigs

The jig head is usually made of lead and have the purpose to give more weight to the artificial lure. Tungsten which is heavier than lead is also used for making jig heads. Although simple in design, jigs come in a variety of colours and shapes and all have the purpose to increase your success on the water. Once they’ve found the perfect jig shape many angles decide to buy jig heads bulk, so they always have on hand an efficient tool for catching loads of fish. When you decide to get jig heads bulk you can choose between models in black, sliver, fluorescent, natural, gold and glow finishes.

The colour is probably the most important feature to consider when choosing jig heads since it can directly affect the performance of your lures. The choice in this case will depend on your specific fishing conditions and whether the water where you plan to fish is clear or dark. Colours such as black, brown and white work best in clear waters, while fluorescent hues like orange and green are ideal when fishing in dark stained waters. It would be best to try out different colours at first to figure out which one would work best in your specific situation.

Another important factor to keep in mind when selecting the right jig is its weight. The choice should depend on your target fish specie and the water depth where you plan to fish. You would want something that is heavy enough to allow your lures to reach the desired depth. However, avoid getting a jig that is too heavy since it would quickly sink to the bottom and naturally won’t be able to attract your target fish.