How I Met My First Love – Skateboarding

How I Met My First Love – Skateboarding


While I am slowly finishing the third decade of my existence, looking back at life I can say that skateboarding was the sport that influenced my physical and mental development. Through skateboarding, I met my best friend who later became my godfather, and more importantly, I met my wife. The story begins, in 2010 when I was searching for reliable boardstore. The funny thing there was one just a couple of blocks from my flat. After finding it, I met there with Dianne, my wife to be.

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Now I did find the love of my life, but who do you think is my first love? Well, 2001, Melbourne, 9.00 a.m.. After convincing my father and mother that skateboarding is the sports activity I want to do (after hours of making them a presentation, that with the right gear skateboarding is safe), I met my first love the skateboard. It was love at first sight. I went there all excited, full of energy to find my new skateboard. And what choice did I make? I found the most awesome looking skateboard from the shop, and honestly the last of that model. On the backside, it was Thor wielding his hammer, creating lighting, destroying his enemies. Simply LEGENDARY! After I picked that model, my father insisted that it was time to pick skateboarding accessories, such as helmet, knee and elbow pads and of course reserve parts for the skateboard(he was always like that, buying parts in case it breaks soon). The sales people were so nice, that even gave me free skateboarding t-shirt, that I’ve kept even today.

Through skateboarding, I’ve gained better motor skills and built my character to never give up, no matter how hard may the challenge appears! As time went by, I started going to competitions and different skateboarding areas. I never let skateboarding influence my grades, I had time for skating, learning and socializing. This is the story of my first love.

As I was building in an adult person, I still skated occasionally, because it is part of a character. It was the summer of 2010 when I moved to a new flat. After the moving process was done I noticed that my skateboard was damaged and it was time to buy a new one. As I searched, for a new shop online, I found one boardstore near my flat. I went there and the final love of my life was found – my wife. Dianne was working there. I’ve never met anybody who loved skateboarding as I do. Not only that, but she was caring, smart and the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. As good things happen to good people, I asked her on a date. Next is history. Today, we have two boys, Charles and Richard, one is five the other is three. When they grew up a bit, I will tell them how skateboarding is awesome and cool. I am going to take them in a boardstore and buy their first skateboard. I hope they’ll love skateboarding as much as me and their mother. Well, it is in their blood.

Everything in my life is connected with skateboarding. Without a doubt, it changed my life for the best! If you have children and want to find an interesting and fun activity outside, then take them to the boardstore and change their lives forever. You will not regret it, either themselves when they grow up!