Fake Grass: All the Green You Want Without the Fuss

Fake Grass: All the Green You Want Without the Fuss


The weekend lawnmower symphony has died off in recent years. Instead of spending their time mowing, watering, fertilising and weeding, homeowners now have the fake version that is a lot more convenient and saves on their water bills.

It is a fact that people still like greenery around their place. But it is also a fact that people are becoming increasingly time poor. Fake grass allows people to enjoy the greenery they want without a lot of the maintenance issues.

Due to its low maintenance, fake grass is becoming a popular replacement to real grass in Melbourne. Another factor that, according to fake grass Melbourne experts, is increasing its popularity is that the stuff being sold today looks incredibly realistic and is surprisingly comfortable underfoot.

If you are considering installing fake grass in your outdoor space know that there many fake grass Melbourne specialists that supply and install the product. Here are the benefits you will enjoy by installing fake grass in your garden or backyard.

More Time to Relax

Once your artificial grass is installed, you can stop worrying about watering and even sell your mower. To keep your outdoor space nice and tidy all you will need to do is clean off the leaves and occasionally give it a quick brush and spray. Or you can simply call a fake grass Melbourne expert to give it a makeover for you.

Safe for Children

When you have an easy-play system installed, all worries about children falling over to a hard surface when playing is greatly reduced. For your peace of mind, some companies install soft foam pads underneath the grass to cushion any blows from falling over.

Perfect Solution for Shaded Areas

Grass in shaded areas, like under a large tree, tend to become brown and moss-covered. That is because real grass needs direct sunlight. Fake grass, on the other hand, doesn’t need any sun to say looking good and is guaranteed to be green all year-round.

No Mud

When the rain comes, chances are that someone is going to end up walking mud through the house after being outside. With fake grass, muddy boots will never be a problem.

No Need for Harmful Pesticides

In addition to requiring dedication, watering, and mowing, keeping a natural lawn green also requires using harmful herbicides and pesticides that get into the soil and drain into the waterways. These chemicals pollute, kill and pose potential health threats to people. Using fake grass allows you to help the planet and your local environment.