Different Rods for Sale: Fishing Adventures Await

Different Rods for Sale: Fishing Adventures Await


Like with any other kind of sport, having the proper equipment for fishing is also important as manufacturers develop their equipment to cast specific baits farther and more accurately. Simply said, choosing the correct rod for a given situation will allow you to work baits properly, cast baits accurately, find out more strikes, and set the hook to land a fish.

Selecting the right fishing rod depends largely on the type of fishing you are planning to do. It is important that you understand that the right rod for catching small fish species in a local pond won’t be suitable for fishing large fish species in the sea. So, decide first whether you will be fishing in a lake, river, stream, etc, and the type of fish you are planning catching. Then get familiar with the different types of rods available in the market to decide with one match best your needs.

Fishing Rod

Casting Rods

Casting rods hold a casting reel that is settled above the handle. Featuring a simple push bottom line release for casting and an enclosed ‘nosecone’ where the line comes out of the reel, these are considered the simplest to use. Because they are also the least expensive type of fishing rod, they make a great choice for first-time anglers. Casting rods are recommended for most types of river and lake fishing.

Spinning Rods

When looking for spinning rods for sale, you will notice that the spinning rod hangs beneath the rod rather on top (like with casting rods). These type of spinning rod also require a bit more technique from the angler as your fingers must stand on both sides of the leg of the reel that is attached to the rod. A great benefit of these rods is that they allow you to hold the rod in your dominant hand, increasing control over them. Furthermore, as the weight of the reel hang below the rod, this makes fishing for long periods of time more comfortable. Before looking for spinning for sale, understand that this option is suitable for casting light lures or bait and is mostly used for sports fish like bass, pike, trout and walleye.

Ultra-Light Rods

These rods feature shorter length, lighter construction and lighter lines. They are designed to add more challenge and excitement to landing a fish and are commonly used to fish for smaller fish species like bass, trout, and other types of panfish.

Telescopic Fishing Rods

Constructed to either open up into a longer rod or collapse down to a short length, a telescopic fishing rod benefits those who will be traveling by foot, public transit or compact car. They are highly used in surf fishing, which requires particularly long rods.

Surf Rods

If you are planning to fish from the beach, rocks or another type of shoreline, then a surf rod is what you need. These rods feature a long grip handle for two-handed casting, which is sturdy enough to cast heavy lures in rough water.