Cosmetic Tattoo Pre-care & Post-care

Cosmetic Tattoo Pre-care & Post-care


Are you struggling with photos of perfect face features of the famous actresses or fashion magazine girls? Do you find yourself looking in the mirror every half hour to compare your features with the ones of the magazine girls, and you think to yourself, no, there is no chance for me to accomplish that ideal look. Bring back your smile and self-esteem, because there is a wonderful solution that can make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Cosmetic tattoo or better known as permanent make-up, can work miracles in no time but with long-lasting effect. These fast-growing procedure in the beauty industry covers couple of cosmetic processes, from tattooing your eyebrows (if partial, faint, or no eyebrows at all), lip tattoo, colour corrections, camouflage of scars, to cosmetic tattoo eyeliner, that can put away the use of eye pencils for several years and more.

Now, when the solution is brought on the table, it is of essential meaning before you undergo the procedure, to get well informed with pre and post care instructions. Here are some main points to follow, analyze each of them, and then hit the road.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Pre-care instructions- pay attention to:

  • Good health condition is the main factor, because if you find yourself not feeling well, then automatically you postpone the healing process.

  • Stay hydrated! When you go to your appointment, make sure that you have eaten light food dishes in reasonable amounts. Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours or more, instead, drink plenty of water.

  • Help the tattooist to avoid the additional stress, why, simply because there is a list of vitamins, (if taken before the procedure), that can thin the blood and inhibit coagulation. So, avoid the consumption of the Vitamin C, fish and primrose oil supplements, chamomile, ginger, ginkgo and others, at least one week .

  • Pregnant women are no exception. It is recommended for them to undergo the procedure after they give birth, otherwise, there is a risk for both, the baby and the mother.

  • Even thou, listed as a last factor, but this is the most important one. Come with your make-up on, and bring a hand full of the pencils you use on daily bases (brows, lip pencils and eyeliners). That way you can show the tattooist the look you want to accomplish, and the colours that best define your face features.

The procedure wouldn’t be complete if we stop only with pre-care instructions, post-care instructions are significant too, so lets list some of them:

  • Immediately after the procedure, the tattooed area will be much darker and bolder for one to two weeks, or in some cases more. Anyway, it is essential not to scratch the cosmetic tattooed area to avoid impairing results.

  • If cosmetic tattoo eyeliner or lip process are your choices, then swelling is an inevitable part in both procedures. Use antihistamines to reduce pain and to keep swelling to a minimum.

  • The tattooist will surely inform you to buy small tube of Bepanthen cream(from your chemist) and will show you how to apply it on the treated area. Post-care process is very simple, but in order to heal faster, the area has to be treated at least 5 times daily, from 5 to 10 days.

  • Sun exposure can make changes in colours, that is why it is recommended to wear hats or wider sunglasses, to create a shade-effect.

  • Do not apply make-up on the tattooed area at least 48 hours. If you must, then use make-up from new packing or tube.

  • For two weeks, stay away from steamed or overheated places, and keep your pores closed. Open pores are not what you want, because they can bleed the colour.