Cartoons Every Generation Should Grow Up Watching

Cartoons Every Generation Should Grow Up Watching


There are various Cartoon shows that are classic and such cartoon programs are ideal for the young generation to grow up watching. The children who watch cartoons online not only improve their oral communication skills but also cultivate the habit of thinking as a result of which their brain also develops. The children who are at the elementary school level should make it a point to watch the programs of free cartoons at least for a few minutes daily. For those children who are in search of cartoons for watching may go through this article about a few cartoon programs that are ideal for children to grow up watching.

Tom and Jerry


The Tom and Jerry cartoon series is full of comic fights between a house cat and a mouse whose names are Tom and Jerry respectively. Each episode of this cartoon series is highly humorous as well as entertaining and in each show Tom the cat will be trying to catch hold of Jerry the mouse. The interesting and exciting aspect of this cartoon show is the cleverness and timely actions of Jerry the mouse to escape from the cat. The viewers are also excited to see many instances in which both the cat and mouse uphold true friendship and serious concern for each other. When a baby managed to come out of the house without the knowledge of the irresponsible babysitter, the cat and mouse suspended their rivalry and joined hands to protect the baby and ensure its safety. Though there are a lot of violent episodes in which Tom and Jerry try to finish each other, there is no scene of bloodshed. The music is also very effective in this cartoon series. The music in this cartoon show is a perfect blend of jazz, pop and classical music. Though the series is more action oriented, occasionally Tom and Jerry are talking in English. Tom is physically very strong and dynamic but, Jerry is more intelligent. In most of the episodes Tom is the loser and Jerry emerges victorious.

Clone High


The growing kids should watch the cartoon show “Clone High” and enjoy the humor in it. Those who failed to watch this show while growing up have really missed a great show. Kids will find this cartoon show funnier. The cloned versions of several historical characters are effective to create a lot of laughter. This show is watched by a lot of people and the school going kids can learn a lot of good things from this show. The recess period in the school is the context of most of the episodes and kids are more delighted with the school atmosphere that is maintained throughout the show.



This interesting show is very informative and it is indeed one among the best educational cartoons. Through the songs in this show students are taught a lot of useful lessons and they are able to gather a lot of information about current events and also about life. Though the topics are educational, the show is not boring or monotonous. The show is highly humorous as well as entertaining. This is an ideal program for kids who are at the elementary level. The episodes impart true knowledge while entertaining the kids.



A few viewers misunderstood “Daria” as a girl show. But it is not. In fact this show is derived from the well-known ‘Beavis and Butter-head’. The quality of humor in this show makes it so great. The humor in Daria is unmatched. This show teaches the viewers many new lessons of day-to-day life. Those who have grown up watching Daria are sure not to get perplexed when they come across with timid or moronic characters in their real life. Those who have watched this show will certainly know how to deal with such people.

Tiny Toon Adventures


The characters in this show very much resemble the Looney Toons and many viewers wrongly think that they are the younger Looney Toons. However, the fact is that they are the next generation Looney Toons. These next generation Toons are attending the school at Acme University to learn more about the trade.



This is a popular cartoon show by Steven Spielberg who created Animaniacs also. The children who grow watching this cartoon show cannot get rid of the theme song of this show from their memory. The show is about an insane character who manages real villains. The occasional episodes that are clubbed with the regular episodes are also very interesting. Those who watch this show while growing up are likely to come across with adult humor for the first time.