Why You Should Bring a Portable Fridge on Your Camping Trip

Why You Should Bring a Portable Fridge on Your Camping Trip


Refrigeration is one of those things that make our lives better without us even noticing it most of the time. Having a cold place to store food where it won’t spoil in a short period of time has made many possibilities open to the average Joe. You could not only have food last long but also the transportation of food over a large distance. Transporting food for a longer period of time isn’t only for commercial reasons, you can use a portable refrigerator in the ute and bring it along for a camping trip which was possible back in the day but in a different form, namely you’d stuff an insulated box with a lot of ice and stick everything inside.

Modern portable refrigerators actually use electricity and a compressor to chill the inside, this works exactly like a standard refrigerator. Using the fridge to store your food for a camping trip through the outback is basically essential for your survival. The scorching heat of the outback can cause your food to spoil, especially if you don’t have it sealed within a bag or box. So having a decent fridge such as the Engel fridge 12V plug installed into the 4WD’s cargo are where the fridge can be gotten in and out as fast as your arms can lift it. There are many different makes and models that you can set up in your vehicle, it can hold from 25L to 80L+ which as you might’ve guessed determines its size and weight.

If you’re planning on going on frequent trips through the outback then the fridge will serve as your food storage just as it would in your home and using something like an Engel fridge 12V plug wouldn’t drain too much of your primary or secondary battery depending on how you’ve modded your vehicle. The power consumption of the fridge can be measured in a/h (amps per hour), and most good fridges use about 1 to 2 a/h over a 24 hour period. Remember also that high currents aren’t always a bad thing, this is because they use a higher current over short periods of time so it can conserve on power consumption the rest of the time.

Lastly, you’ll have to install a plug into your vehicle, you could use the jack for the cigarette lighter but it doesn’t have enough current to actually power the fridge consistently. So installing a plug won’t be simple (unless your SUV’s battery happens to be in the trunk), however, it’s quite worth it since the fridge can then work constantly and consistently ensuring that you have both cool drinks and semi-fresh food.