Here Are Some Of The Best Cartoon Characters Ever Made

Here Are Some Of The Best Cartoon Characters Ever Made


There is no living person in the world that hasn’t watched a cartoon movie, at least once. But here are kids, teenagers or even adults who watch cartoon series on a regular basis, because reportedly, only the series provide them with a lot of fun and peace in the same time. One specific aspect of the cartoon movies that is very adored by all are the cartoon characters. Cartoon characters are adored by both young and old, because they have always been here for us to cheer us up. Today, you can meet both old and new interesting cartoon characters on many websites with list of cartoons or TV and fall in love right away. However, here are some of the best cartoon characters that ever appeard in cartoon series.

Powerpuff Girls


Who run the world? Girls. Who run the cartoon world? The Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles, the cutie, Blossom, the smartest and the leader, and Buttercup, the most powerful, are the three girls that always get involved in operations of saving U.S. Of America from evil, while often dealing with the pressure of kindergarten. The Powerpuff Girls come from an animated cartoon and was first seen in 1998. However, the Powerpuff Girls can still be seen on the television, simply because they are still adored by millions.

Bugs Bunny


One of the most popular cartoon characters ever is Bugs Bunny. The confident, smart and funny bunny is well-known among the fans of cartoon series, since its first appearance in 1938 in “Porky’s Hare Hunt”. However, Bugs Bunny today is known by his starring in Looney Tunes during the golden age of cartoon series. The popularity of the gray bunny led to becoming a mascot of Warner Bros Entertainment.

Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse is certainly one of the best cartoon characters that ever appeared on the television. The adventurous, black mouse with white gloves and yellow boots first appeared in 1928 in a short film “Steamboat Willie”, the first sound-synchronized cartoon. Since the premier of the series, Mickey Mouse has instantly become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters all across the globe.

Fred Flintstone


Living in a fiction town Bedrock with his stone-age family, Fred Flinstone is one of the most positive and funny cartoon characters. Fred is the main character of the series “The Flintstones”, first presented in 1960, where Fred became known for his old orange clothes, blue tie and his legendary trademark yell: yabba dabba doo! Not only did he become one of the most popular cartoon characters ever, but he proved that cartoon series are not only for kids.

Betty Boop


Betty Boop was a huge star in the 30s, during the black-and-white period of cartoon series. She is a well-known female cartoon character by her cute voice and incredible charm. However, when she first appeared, there was some controversial because of her sexy dresses and high heels that emphasized her sexuality, which was never seen before. Betty Boop was a great success, as many cartoon lovers call her the Queen of the Depression Era; because she was a reminder for better times in future.