In What Ways Do Automated Wrapping Machines Surpass Manual Work

In What Ways Do Automated Wrapping Machines Surpass Manual Work


Wrap your head around this.

Without a doubt we are if not heading towards, then living in an age of automation. Where it seems that the feeling of accomplishment after a job well done by way of old-fashioned elbow grease is on its way to becoming a concept as dated as the payphone. Seemingly all that we attempt is surpassed by the efficiency and speed of our mechanical co-workers, with much less effort on their part. But what better way to combat this potential encroach into the realm of our livelihoods then to give up the jobs that we would happily never do again if we could.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Mention wrapping to the average person and their mind will almost certainly drift to a borderline traumatic memory of paper torn in frustration after hours of fighting with the tape dispenser, or an almost forgotten scene of a christmas tree with half covered boxes with bows on top. Now mention that pallet wrapping is not only a thing that some people have to do daily, but it is much more difficult than most give it credit for, and he will not likely believe you. However, whereas to us this task is nothing more than an annual annoyance, to those that have to do it every day, and on objects far less festive than presents, it is a difficult burden, and sometimes even a dangerous one.

In which case, automatic pallet wrapping machines seem like the ideal solution to both problems.

While it may not seem like it, wrapping large materials by hand the right way is very difficult, and doing it the wrong way can have consequences. And it will inevitably be done incorrectly seeing as how even with the proper training it is very difficult to judge such a thing by sight alone. Any kind of small mistake could result in the product being crushed or it shifting during transport, leading to at best the product needing to be wrapped again, and at worst it getting completely destroyed or an employee getting badly injured.

An automatic pallet wrapping machine removes almost any such risk of injury to the employees, and can not only wrap the product in a professional clean way, but it can do it quickly and effectively every time. Additionally, it eliminates the need for training employees to do a very difficult job, with very costly repercussions. The final word in any business however, almost always belongs to the customer. And the customer has spoken, preferring the machines consistency over the often much more haphazard manual attempt.

The current job market is being primarily dominated by machines as a result of them being much more effective at keeping up with the ever increasingly speeds at which our collective needs are rising. One way to maybe slowdown its advent is to assign machines jobs that are trivial, but would decrease human liabilities. And I believe this is a perfect example.