The Advantages of Having a Landline Phone

The Advantages of Having a Landline Phone


Mobile phones are so popular these days all around the globe, so we tend to forget the importance of having a reliable landline phone service. Not to mention that some of the newer generation kids don’t even know what is a landline phone or how it looks like. Sad, I know.

Luckily, landline phones still play an important role in telecommunication, so if you still have the phone lines don’t get rid of them. Instead, use the data cabling services Melbourne installation companies have to offer and bring back to life the old but gold landline phone.

Efficiency is of utmost importance during cable installation which is why you need to use reliable data cabling services Melbourne residents say. A reputable and experienced line installer and repairer will be able to install new lines and repair existing ones, so make sure you do a thorough research when in the search for the right one. But let’s see why landlines are still so important.

Landline Importance

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Reliability Above Everything

Landline phones are way more reliable than cell phones since a loss of signal while using the latter is a common thing. Landline phones, on the other hand, offer a crystal clear signal which is important especially in the business world when talking to an important client through the phone.


Except for the fact that security systems require landlines since they are more difficult to hack than cell phones, landline phones can come in handy in a case of an emergency. For example, when in the need to call 9-1-1 from a landline phone, the emergency responders can easily pinpoint your exact location in no time which is not the case with mobile phones. When calling from a cell phone, you will have to give your exact address and describe your location which is wasting a precious time during an emergency situation.


A lot of studies have shown that people feel more comfortable when using a landline phone at home. The larger size of a landline phone allows them to put the phone between their shoulder and head while allowing them to wash the dishes, cook, clean or type while talking on the phone.


Last but not least, landline phones are more secure to use than cell phones because data is transmitted through a fixed medium. Special equipment can easily intercept mobile phone conversations as they are transmitted freely through the air via radio waves, while special bugging devices need to be physically installed in phones or phone wire in order to intercept landline conversations.