Adding Catalytic Converters to Your Vehicle – a Way to Help Mother...

Adding Catalytic Converters to Your Vehicle – a Way to Help Mother Earth!


There are around 16 million cars in Australia, and each one of them is a source of pollution. And we don’t want that because Mother Earth is our home! Generally, the most polluted areas are usually the large cities, where the amount of pollution destroys the environment, especially the ozone layer. For that reason, to regulate them, the government decided to establish clean-air laws that restrict the pollution of vehicles and save the planet! As technology advanced, scientists found a way to incorporate this with the invention of a catalytic convertor. So, if you are looking for catalytic converters online, then you have arrived at the right place. Bellow, we will go through a short guide on how to find the best catalytic converters online.

The origin of the catalytic converter comes from the French engineer Eugene Houdry back in 1975. It was when he moved to the USA and he raised a concern about the role of the vehicle exhaust and smoke stack exhaust was doing to the air. After a while, he invented the catalytic convert which meant the biggest weapon against air pollution.

Catalytic ConverterVehicles usually run on diesel or gasoline, however, the last couple of years there were introduced electrical cars, but their number is still low because they are not so much affordable like the others. Diesel and gasoline are made from petroleum, which is made from the dead remains of the animals that lived on this planet one million years ago. The bad thing of petroleum is that creates gases when it is burned that destroy the ozone lair, which creates green house effect on the planet.

Well, if we look at the theory when the petrol is burned a lot of energy will be released which will be made out of water and CO2. On the other hand, in reality, this does not happen, because there is too much or too little of O2 and the gases that the car will create are just nasty and pollutive. The pollutant gases are CO, as well as some violate organic compound and Nitrogen oxides which create smog. However, the converter creates a catalyst where the bad gases are converted into a cleaner gases. So, for this reason, if your car is older, then you must search for catalytic converters online and safe the environment, be good with the Australian law and have a clear conscience about helping nature in at least one way or another.